Advance Camp

Why would you want to experience persecution? I don’t get it.

It’s not that I WANT to experience it. It’s just that without it I really have no idea what the persecuted are going through.

Well, what is The Persecution?

It’s an intense four-day boot-camp type thing. Young people are either a believer – Notzri, or they are an unbeliever. You either persecute believers or you are the persecuted.

Hm, sounds interesting. Well then, what is the Advance Camp all about?

Advance Camp is for youth leaders or other adults to preview The Persecution.

So it’s not a full blown Persecution, just a sampling?

That’s right. Advance Camp is a three-day, two night experience. There’s group discussion about how persecution affects us all. Then we simulate some of the operations to see what the youth will experience.

Experience Persecution in a controlled environment.